Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

new year 2011 !!!

hello, a moment will come again in 2011. are you ready?
hmm ... if I'm sad ready. but, I can not leave in 2010 that where so many memories of that year. really hard for the forgotten. want to any time will always be remembered in my heart.

okay, I'll tell you a little more about 2010: D
actually the year 2010 was not that good as well. but this year a lot of experience I can take and become wisdom, and lessons for everyone, especially myself.

in 2010 makes my heart: calm, anxious, happy, sad, moody, depressed, anxious, worried, and many others who could not express in words.

going on and said, tell me, will not run out because the story of 2010 that very much. perhaps even every month many events that occur.

I do not know what should I raised again, I can not express it in words. I could not hold back tears on the cheeks. and have fallen in there take it.dropwise tears show where I was not ready for release in 2010.

so heavy, very heavy. not to mention a lot of my experience with my best friends who faithfully accompanied me during 2010 even though I'm sad and I'm happy.

though never disappointed with my companions, perhaps for some who have read my blog from the back of sebeneranya know why I did not want to split with 2010 

not to mention you still remember my story about the GOAT? yaps's where the grief I and my friends. My friends are not really, but I am.because the cast is there is me. I can not forget how cruel, and did not have my feelings. even they're all bastards! fuhfuhfuh but it all was over: D

fortunately, thanks to the greatness of heart for me, I'll forgive them. haha and we all went back as before. Well although not yet fully returned as before, even so many have changed derasti 180 degrees!

many also now my friends that mimics the style of his own. or rather COPY CAT. they do not feel confident. they did not feel she was herself.therefore the presence of distrust themselves. them with his own cruel to imitate with the intent that I really do not think

they imitate the style of their friends because they know that they copied the style of Friends adaah belle of the school. but it's not that way, actually be yourself even better. but why still you are not satisfied with yourself?

what's wrong with us thank our God, because He has created us so that we become the most perfect creations, with our respective characters.what is hard to give thanks? no thank you! Be careful you guys!

I was so sad to see it all, I am saddened by the attitude of my friend who imitate the style of others. rather than being yourself! you will be more attractive if you use styles. not the style of others. I really hate the attitude that you COPY CAT!

sorry, I was carried away with emotion. hehe I do not mengerto out with my friends I think.

okay, I just hope in this new year. we all turn into a better and more I hope we get back the original. like plain white paper, like a newborn child and apart from sin. and make 2011 a blessing for me, you, him, us and them!and the most I would expect. later in the year 2011 I already have a boyfriend. who could understand me, who could understand me. which could be the best and keep me. that could change me to be strong woman and I and she can lasting until I grow up. but will not match anywhere. and mate in the hands of god. do not worry if we do not have a boyfriend now. are important now we are a lot of appeal to give HER the best partner for us and could become our future leaders.

thanks already contains postinganku .. sorry to use English, though a little style hhaaha 

Another time I would much worth posting about my experience and my friends. bye 

see yaa next time, miss yaa.. muaahhh :* 

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